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Segun Magbagbeola
Segun Magbagbeola

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Wasup its your boy Segun Starchild, aka Fighting Hawk Chief of the Sky live and direct from Black Egyptians, the self-proclaimed Indigo Child, Lightworker, 1 path Soul and first sign of the astrological chart Aries. With these unique gifts I have the ability, wisdom and foresight to show the world a new higher path raising your consciousness to a higher vibrational frequency.

So, the title of this video is ‘GET OUT – The bigger picture.’ Now a lot of people have already made videos talking about the meaning of Get Out and breaking down all the symbolism behind the film, what each person represents and that’s cool some people have really done a good job of that.

But I’m gonna show you what to me is the real message behind the film, its cool to look at all the smaller things in the film like the mother representing the white female energy being used to hypnotize black men, I have and it makes sense but to me you have to KNOW & OVERSTAND the bigger picture and that which I explained earlier is my gift.

So, at the start of the movie a guy Andre gets abducted by the brother Jeremy using a Jujitsu chokehold. We know from the film that the father Dean is a neurosurgeon and performs a procedure on the black people they abduct called ‘jdkfjfk skdjfkjfkj’ which transfers the consciousness of the older, ill white people into the young, healthy and vibrant bodies of the black people.

Now the point we hear the famous words ‘Get Out’ is at the party which is really an auction for the white people to buy either the body parts or buy full use of his Chris’ body. Andre is dressed and talks like an old white man. He’s following a middle aged white woman around, and when he’s asked to talk about the African American experience he says for the most part it’s been very good, but he can’t go into detail cuz he doesn’t have any desire to leave the house, all he cares about are his chores. So he’s obviously had the surgery, his consciousness is suppressed and he’s a mere vessel for that woman’s real husband to take a younger body and continue living.

So Chris doing what he does best as a photographer, takes a sneaky shot of Andre which wakes him up, he see’s the light, remembers who he is and tells Chris over and over again to GET OUT to GET OUTTA HERE! At the end of the movie Chris uses earplugs to stop himself from getting hypnotised but fakes it so they believe he’s under their spell. When the operation is about to begin the brother, Jeremy comes to collect him so he kills him, the father Dean and the mother Missy. Three people. He’s driving the car away and knocks Georgina the grandma over but saves her because of the guilt he had with his mother dying then she attacks him and he kills her anyway.

Then the grandpa, Walter the robot runner catches up to him during their debacle and tries to kill him but he again shines the light on him to wake him up from hypnosis so he shoots Rose the girlfriend and kills himself. Now Chris tries to kill Rose but doesn’t have the heart to after everything she’s done to him because he’s such a nice guy.

At this point, something very important in the film happens. A cop car pulls up, Chris assumes it’s a cop so puts his hands up because he doesn’t want to get shot. Now luckily for Chris it was his friend the TSA Officer Rod but had it been the police he would have ended up shot dead or in prison where thousands of other black Americans are and been used again.

So Chris had to kill five people, the brother, the father, the mother, the grandma, grandpa kille himself and Rose. If it was a cop he would have to kill the cop or two cops in the car making 7 people just to be free but luckily he didn’t have to.

NOW HERE’S MY POINT. Living in Babylon you’re gonna get yourself into a situation whether its big or small, whether you’re the victim or perpetrator its gonna happen, that is a fact. I’m not saying every time you’re in a situation you’re gonna have to kill 5 people in order to wait for it…..’GET OUT’ but you’re gonna have to do things that don’t come natural to you, beg, submit or use violence, you’re gonna have so many obstacles in your way it would be almost impossible to GET OUT.

Look at Georgina and Walter the grandpa and grandma they were practically field slaves all they did was work.  When you’re working for them you are serving their economy their system, the house isn’t just one house it represents the country the nation, that my friends is the bigger picture that is the true meaning of the movie GET OUT, to get out of the foreign man’s country. Black people are being oppressed all over the world, China, America, UK, India, Libya the list is endless.  

I’m gonna make a separate video about to how to prepare to go back home because that’s another subject in itself. When Chris was trying to kill Rose but couldn’t that represents black people, we are mothers and fathers of the planet Earth, after everything that’s been done to us and is continually being done to us we still don’t want to kill anyone, we still don’t want to take revenge and we still don’t want to enforce security to any serious level where they can’t touch us. So why put yourself in that situation. 

The house represents a situation you might get out of a house i.e a situation, you might get lucky and get past 5 obstacles but there’s still many more waiting to come for you in this case the police, army, national guard, riot police e.t.c. By living amongst them they will continuously find new ways to use and abuse you, lots of people have known about organ trafficking for a while now but this movie just revealed another part of their plan. The bigger picture is really the Illuminati who control everything and bring in the New World Order this is what they have planned.

I’m not gonna lie to you Africa does have its problems, we’re gonna have to weigh up the social oppression in the western world (involving police brutality, incarceration, organ trafficking) with the human development problems we face in Africa, (involving wealth, jobs, education, nutrition, health, leisure and safety.) Ultimately for real change to happen we’re gonna have to change the ideology of black people moving back to Africa is only a temporary solution but it’s a start.

I hope you enjoyed my video, I hope you see the Bigger Picture, never lose sight of the bigger picture. Like comment and subscribe its your biy Segun Starchid from BLACK EGYPTIANS, I’m out!

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