Interesting Facts about Ancient Egypt No. 16-30

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There is a list of Interesting Facts about Ancient Egypt, No’s 1-15 on the Egyptology page. Check out these more interesting facts:

16) Cairo Or Al Qaahira, Egypt’s Capital City, Is The Largest City On The African Continent.

17) The Abu El Haggag Masjid Is Built Right In The Middle Of The Ancient So-Called Paganistic Temple Of Luxor.
18) The Mamisi Or ‘Birth House’ In Ancient Egypt Was Named Also After The Anunnaqi Ninti, Who Is Also Known As Mami, “Mother Deity Who Procreated Mortals,” Because She Gave Her Blood To Help Procreate Human Beings.
19) There Were Male Superintendents Who Took Care Of The Harems Of The Pharaohs.
20) The Ancient Egyptians Ate A Wide Variety Of Foods: Breads, Wine, Figs, Duck, Geese, Tamarisks, Watermelons, Antelopes, Pastries, Grapes, Barley, Fish, Dates, Lentils, Onions, Peas, Pomegranates, Garlic, Lettuce, And Sesame Seeds, Etc.

21) The Flood Seasons In Egypt Began In July And Ended In October.

22) The Scribes Like Imhotep, Meaning “He Who Comes In Peace,Kept Records Of The River Levels, Taxes, Tribute, Crop Productions, Court Records And Other Governmental And National/International Affairs.

23) There Are 1,244 Labeled Pieces Of Cedar Wood In Pharaoh’s Khufu Funerary Boat, Which Was More Than 140 Feet Long.

24) The Ancient Egyptians Loved To Hunt Lions, Gazelles, Cheetah, Ostrich, Hippopotami, Crocodiles, Birds And Fish.

25) The Ancient Misramites Used Green, Black, And Blue, Reddish-Orange Eyeshadow Made From Ochre, And Black Kohl, Which Contained Lead Sulphide, Used As A Disinfectant To Protect Their Eyes From Germs And Guard Against The Sun. They Also Used Henna (Used As A Dye), Lipstick, Nail Polish; And Honey Pills To Make Their Breath Smell Good.

26) Both Women And Men Wore Wigs (Either Made From Human Hair, Wool Or Vegetable Material). The Wigs Help To Protect Them From Sunstrokes Too. Both Men And Women Also Wore Kohl (Eyeliner), And Perfumes. They Had A Deodorant Made From Myrrh, Frankincense And Desert Date Seeds, Mixed With A Fatty Oil.

27) There Were Dancers, Comedians, Acrobats, Storytellers And Magicians To Entertain The Pharaoh And His Court.

28) Our Ancient Nuwbun/Ptahite Ancestors Had Lavatories (Toilets), Showers, And Clay Ovens.

29) They Made Toys Such As Yo-Yo’s, Dolls, Balls, Carved Animals With Movable Parts, Toys With Wheels And Spinning Tops. The Game Of Senet, Which Backgammon Closely Resembles, Was Enjoyed By Moving Counters On A Board Of 30 Squares.

30) The Ancient Egyptians Controlled Rats By Spreading Cat Fat Around The Inflicted Areas.

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