The Holy Tablets: Chapter 1, Tablet 1

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Here is the first tablet of perhaps one of the most important scrolls written by Dr. York, The Holy Tablets, in full. The Holy Tablets is a once in a equinox (25,000 years) book to renew our history and break the Spell of Leviathan.

Lo! O my children, allow me to speak with you, for it is that time again, every 25,000 years for the renewal of your way of life, Nuwaubu. Let me speak with you of “The Beginnings” of life, before and after the knowledge bestowed upon you of your very own creation, and the making of this planet
you call Earth, and the many other planets of which you have no knowledge of.
2 Your soul, that is, the emotional you, is about to embark upon a journey through time, and space, within existence; through a time, not yet encountered by Behaymaw, the human beast, and the Humim Beings, the Children of the Aluhum. The Humim,being of Hu “creative force of will”, and Mim “also Mami, meaning “deity of birth “, which is another name for Mother Ninti who’ gave birth to mortals. The Human, being of Hu “creative force of will” and Mane from the Latin, “spirits of the dead.”
3 Within the confines of this Holy Tablet, you shall embark upon such knowledge, which has never before been made so clear as this, for you, by any.
4 Let me start, by telling you about the beings that existed trillions of Earth years ago, before the Pre-Cambrian period. Before you, humim beings, were created in the physical form, upon the planet Tiamat, now called Earth, from the word Eridu, there existed supreme beings of pure green light, ethereal and sub-supreme beings of the impure, amber light, fire.
5 You cannot fully comprehend their beginnings, because their time zone is
much greater than your ability to comprehend at this point. Yet, this very tablet which you are holding in your hand will open your eyes to their time zones, that are in and beyond space.
6 These supreme beings called Anunnagi or Neteru, whose way of life was called Nuwaubu, were endowed by El Kuluwm, ‘The All,’ with a superior overstanding, 720 degrees in all. 360° degrees of spiritual or ethereal state, “the circle”, and 360° degrees of the physical, material state, “the square.”
7 Glory be to the one appointed, who is called in tones ANU, and on Earth, El Eloh, known to many by different titles, and the best of which is known to you, as Ansaars is Allah in which he is, 360° degrees of the physical world, and the light of this heaven and earth, in which he is also.
8 You should know that eventually the time will come when these supreme beings, Anunnagi, would have to descend upon this planet Earth, in order to guide the inhabitants back towards their home, in and beyond the stars;
9 Thereby helping them to become once again, the supreme beings of the pure green light, ethereal energy that they once were. But first, one must be sent to prepare a way, and that one is MYSELF’.
10 And so it was. For once Humims became rulers over the planet Earth, you gradually forgot that your purpose in life was to gain your way back towards the ‘Sustainer, which would be the token and a listener of the message. The home; but instead, you became engrossed in “your own desires.”
11 While in pursuit of physical gratification and material gain, Humims forgot the purity with which they were formed.
12 As a result, you have strayed from the original ways of the universe, and the spiritual path that led you to your true destiny: universal right knowledge, right wisdom, and the right overstanding, on to sound right reasoning called ‘NUWAUBU.’
13 Nuwaubu informs you that there were three creations:
14 Original or Primary creation, primarius, from primus, first. Before the lightest atom, hydrogen, energies existed, as a form of energy existing in the form of gases, nine levels of them from Quarks to Biaps to Zedes/Zeles, referred to as sub-atomic energy, before weight or the sum of any weight, or the sum of any weight, registering as nothingness, yet existing, being lighter than the first form of existence hydrogen. Secondary or evolutionary creation, the evolving of existence from destiny to matter to atoms to cells, to organisms, to bodies and Tertiary tertiarius, from tertius, third, or ghostational creation. The breath of life, the living soul, the existing conscious being.
15 Primary creation was performed by nine ether beings, simply Etherians, whose science is Nuwaubu. Nine ether represents birth, conception as in 9 and birth, or the sum total of numbers. There are no numbers actually higher than nine. Nuwaubu means to convey a message that results in sound right reasoning. So there must be a conveyor and a listener of the message. The message is life, the conveyor is existence Three sets of triple darkness. First set: before light, before energy, before matter. Second· set: before time, before space, before place. Third set: before body, before soul, before spirit.
16 Nine ether is the combination of all existing gases of nature. Nothing anywhere can be as powerful as all the existing gases of nature. Nothing anywhere can be as powerful as all the existing gases. On earth these gases are known as, Radon (Rn) with an atomic number of 26, Xenon (Xe), with an atomic number of 54, Krypton (Kr), with an atomic number of 36, Argon (Ar), with an atomic number of 18, Neon (Ne) with an atomic number of 10, and Helium (He) with an atomic number of 2. These are also called the Noble Gases on a periodic or elemental chart, on the physical chart. However on the ethereal chart, they are listed as thus, E2, E10, E18, E26, E36, E54, and note the word element, and elementary, from elementum, “first principle, rudiment, beginning.” Used as elementary, the beginning without importance, as of yet.
17 Therefore, 9 ether is the most potent
power in all the boundless universes. 9 Ether beings utilized the forces that yield energy versing energy into one form. The Universe “Uni· meaning “uni-, from unus, one, and verse meaning vertere, to turn, a spiral, spiraling outward from a single point”.
18 Creation from the ‘word creare, “to bring forth, create, produce to cause to grow means growth into form or system. Destruction means change in form or composition.
19 Nine ether is conscious and conscience gases. The Melanin-ites, the original woolly-haired, dark skinned Muurs “Moors” came along with the original creation; that is the same kind of ether forces that grew the universe. As nature was growing these Melaninites were a part of the original growth. Melanin grew with Original creation. To come along with a thing is to grow with or within it. 6 ether are 9 points from ether 1 into darkness. The Melaninites manifest from point 1 in hydrogen on into 9 elements, the 8th being oxygen for life. The dot, “nagut” is the point of origin of things, the first sum.
20 Therefore, the Melanin-ites and their evolutionary descendants are the personification of the original creative forces, HU, 7 in all. As the 7 species of RIZQIYIANS, you have 7 species of Melanin-itesor NUWAUBIANS, called Negroids. And you have 3 species of
Mongoloids, and 2 speciesof Caucasoid,
all growing out of the original Nuwaubians.
21 Simply, these Melanin-ites created the universes in their etheric form.
22 Nine ether then personified themselves as flesh and blood beings, they became human beings from Atoms to Adam.
23 There are two kinds of ether – nine ether and 6 ether in human form. 9 ether, Negroid, produced 6 ether, Caucasians,and 6 ether produced ghosts; death, not to be mistaken with the ethers of hair, that range from 6, 7, 8 and 9 in hair texture, from flat to hollow to round.
24 Nine ether will become 6 ether through time and age (die). 6 ether becomes ghost through time and age.
25 Six ether (Albinos) is 9 ether (Nuwuabians) in death, and ghost is the death of 6 ether.
26 After the death of 6 ether, 9 ether resurrects again.
27 Six ether, is the moon and 9 ether, is the sun. Hence, 6 ether is adverse to 9 ether just as death is adverse to life.
28 All this takes place within THE ALL.
29 It was then, that the true force of the universe personified those supreme beings.
30 The original Melanin-ites, dark skinned, woolly haired Muurs personified by both, sound and electric energy.
31 Both positive and negative; electro from modern Latin electricus meaning ‘resembling amber’ amber, being negative, and magnetic from Latin magnetis ‘loadstone’ being positive.
Light or the illuminati being electro, and the light spectrum being magnetism.
32 The cosmic ray for emerald, being from 001; nanometer, Nanna – the deity Sin; meter – mother or meter in tones may-tare, meaning matter or material, form to 99,000 miles. Nanometer is the modern term used, preferred over Angstrom used in measuring visible light. One nanometer is 10.9, one billionth of a meter, and is equal to 1 angstrom, being a unit of length equal to one hundred-millionth of a centimeter used especially to specify radiation
wavelengths. Also called angstrom unit, after Anders Jonas Angstrom, a Swedish astronomer and physicist.
33 Light is defined by wavelengths, which is the measure of the distance from one peak or top of a wave of light or energy to another. Cosmic rays being the shortest, and the longest being electric power.
34 Between the two are: gamma rays, which is electronic radiation sent from radioactive decay ranging from 10 thousand to 10 million electron volts; X-rays, which is a relatively high energy
photon or amount of electronic energy used for penetration power; also ultraviolet light rays, which are a range of invisible radiation ranging from 4 nanometers to 380 nanometers, just
beyond the color violet in the visible spectrum; infrared light rays, a range of invisible radiation bordering along microwaves about 750 nanometers; rmcrowaves, a high frequency
electromagnetic wave measuring 1 milliliter to 1 meter in length; television waves, the transferring of visual images and sound using electromagnetic waves with the reconversion of received waves into visual images; radio waves, a wireless transmissions through space
with a frequency of 10 kilohertz to 300,000 megahertz; and electric power coming from the reaction of attraction and repulsion of un-alike and alike proton and electrons.
35 Television waves and radio waves are also forms of light laser.
36 There is also the visible spectrum which runs from 400 nanometers to 700 nanometers in wavelength. Nanometers being one billionth (10-9) of a meter, from the word Nanna, the Sumerian deity SIN, and Meter from Greek
Metron, meaning “measure”.
37 With all light flowing through a prism or a medium that represents whatever is seen through it, used to separate white light coming from late Latin prisma, from Greek prisma, thing sawed off, prism, from priein, prizein, to
saw; this light becomes six colors: yellow, blue, red, green, orange, and purple. Light in its esepheric form is at its atomic level.
38 When you see full spectrum light in its physical state, it manifests as blackness. That is, all light and color combined are blackness. And the manifestation of the solid form of light is melanin.
39 Thus, they manifested from the great circle and throne of wisdom to this meager place.
40 This is how the events of creation and pre-creation were recorded; when life existed in and beyond the stars. The All is, was and will be!
41 Felt, within a love, a divine love that is unknown or felt by those disagreeable beings, and thus emotions were. At the first binh of emotions was the birth of motion.
42 Things gradually began to move about, and it was then that movement and motion was conceived out of triple darkness, for the light birthed the chaos.
43 Thus the motion to create did manifest in existence. and all that exists, exists within THE ALL.
44 Thus, things became what they were to become known as, before they existed, or what they would exist as.
45 This is true caring. If you say you love ANU, then why do you not have faith in ANU, who is also known as EI Eloh?
46 Who is called in rhythm, Allah by the Muslims, meaning ‘ones who are of peace.’ Be on your guard, for they have been invaded by the disagreeable one’s children as well.
47 ANU is also called Yahweh by the Hebrews, 48 Thehos by Christians
49 And God, by many others. He was appointed by THE ALL as your caretaker.
50 ANU appointed one of the Yahwehans called Tammuz, son of Ishtar or Innana, Daughter of Nannar Sin, also called Isis or Aset, also called Astarte, Ashtaroth, the Phrygian Cybele also Sybiland Kali.
51 This Tammuz was also called in tones ‘Horus, Thehos, Yashu’a, Isa, Jesus, Kristos,’ a son of Dammuzi, who is called ‘Osiris, Usir, Dionyushadest,’ an Eli and the Abba of Tammuz or Obata’lah, the Heavenly Father, son of the Heavenly One, ANU.
52 Thus, it is said of this Tammuz: “then the Enosites began to call upon the name of the Yahweh”.
53 If you say, ‘you have faith by way of him,’ who is your caretaker, ANU, who appointed Yashu’a, Ha Mashiakh, called Isa, Jesus and Tammuz;
54 Then I ask you, ‘why do you not trust in him?’ For it is ANU, also called El that is trustworthy.
55 If you say, ‘you love him, why do you not strive towards him?’
56 And if you say, ‘you are sensible,’ then why do you not tremble at the mention of ANU?
57 Surely, it is ANU that has been appointed to be your caretaker, and has appointed the anointed one, a Yahuwa called Tammuz from which the door at the gate of Yahuwah the women of that house wept for Tammuz. This is merely one of the many houses of Yahuwa. This is recorded in the scripture of Ezekiel, 8th degree,the 14th verse.
58 This appointment of ANU was done by THE ALL, within ALL, for as AND becamewho he is, it had to be in accordancewith the will of all, and the appointment of an anointer was done by ANU both being Yahwehans in THE ALL.
59 It is he, ANU who has transformed from an Etherian into a flesh embodied being, and then returns at will to ether. He was an appointedEL ELOH, Allah, who saw the confusion, which was caused by the fusion of emotions.
60 The collision of emotions in this solar system came into being as time passed, it became known emotionally, as that which is right to do, and that which is wrong to do those who agree and those who disagree; The act that is good, and the act that is evil.
61 Thus, the birth of “will is the beginning of confusion;
62 Confusion arose, and this somberness, a dull feeling was felt in his, ANU’s heart
63 Out of divine love and great
64 He began to call out and ordered all the blessed and chosen children of THE ALL,the Etherians,
65 Who incarnated into the form of the Anunnagi, which is known to many as Aluhum, or Neteru as known to the ancient Egyptians.
66 He ordered them to incarnate in his spirit, with the responsibilities for this now desolate solar system.
67 It was here that life of all kinds and spiritual beings lived and thrived.
68 Those Extraterrestrials, the sky one of dwellers,who cameto this planet Earth; be they Extraterrestrials, Anunnagi, Neteru, Aluhum, Angelic Beings,or be they of the terrestrial, that is of this planet Earth,
69 The land dwellers, and even those beings who came on land from the deep
70 And these species, all of which were agreeable people, and disagreeable people, who did tread to and fro on the Earth’s surface, the ground, and swam in the seas, and flew in the skies of this planet Qi, now called Earth, from the word Eridu.
71 But, by the disorder of these disagreeable species was destruction caused by meteorites, which are large pieces of debris that enter the
atmosphere and reaches the ground, and that caused the light of the Sun to be blocked by the dust clouds.
72 Meteorites are chips off asteroids that can be of rock or metal.
73 The daylight had gone where pure light once was, and no light reigned.
74 Void was upon the surface of the deep.
75 Ordering his spirit beings to hover above the surface of the deep; while the Great Spirit prepared for the reconstruction of this now desolate place,
76 It was to be a great replenishing, yet not without fault, for life does dwell beneath the deep. The greatest variety of organisms lives beneath the deep seas of this planet Tiamat. These seawaters make up 85 percent of all the water on the Earth. Under this vast, watery surface are the tallest peaks and deepest valleys on this planet. Sea water is really pure water in which compounds have dissolved. Salts account for most of these dissolved substances. And the total amount of salts dissolved in sea water is
known as the salinity from the Latin word salinus from sal meaning salt.
77 A rejuvenation and another chance was in the heart and mind of the Most Holy Spirit.
78 So, one was selected from amongst the many to be The Guardian over these beings;
79 To be born, to be El Rahum-Mul, The Merciful; and El Rahmun, The Yielder; 80 El Hakurn, He Who Is The Wise One; El Gadush, He Who Is The Holy; El Latuf, He Who Is The Kind;
81 And He Who Is The Establisher of Peace, He Who Is The Peace, EI Salum.
82 The Loving, El A’ashug, The One and Only Sustainer of this solar system, soon to become a tri-solar system, in preparation for the Elders’ arrival. The other suns are already on their way. One such brighter light or star, about 25,000 light years from Earth, has been seen in the direction of the Sagittarius constellation being named the Pistol Star which can not be seen with the naked eye because of dust clouds which absorb the visible light of stars. This sun is 10
million times as bright as the sun already existing in this solar system.
83 And when my soul has spoken unto me, and has confirmed in my heart and mind, Glory be to EI Sahur the Patient, Selah.
84 Glory be to The Kind, El Latuf; Glory be to ANU, He Who Is The Giver, El Nafun.
85 Glory be to The Endower, El Wahuh, Glory be He Who Is The Bestower, EI Manuh.
86 Glory be He Who Is The Healer, El Shafuy.
87 Glory be to The First, EI Wah.
88 Glory be to The Honorer, EI Ma’uz, Glory Be To The Supporter, EI Tamul.
89 Glory be to ANU, He Who Is The
90 Glory be to A’LYUN A’LYUN EL, He Who Is The Protector.
91 Glory be to EI Khabuk, He Who Is The Embracer, And glory be to The Helper;
92 And Glory Be to The One, EI Wahed.
93 Glory be to The Only One;
94 And glory be to The Encourager, EI Shaju’.
95 Glory be to The Benefactor, EI Manun.
96 Glory be to The Enduring, El Baaguy.
97 Glory be to The Uplifter, EI Rafur.
98 Glory be to The Light, El Nawur.
99 Glory be to El Yahuwa, he who is The Beneficent, El Jalul. Selah.
100 Glory be to The Supreme, EI A’zum
101 Glory be to The Evident, El Zahur.
102 Being one of the Anunnagi, he is called ANU, The Source, who is the son of Anshar and Kishar; The chosen son who is The Faithful, EI Amun-mul.
103 O ANUNNAGI, he who has descended into and around me, Guide me in all that I do.
104 Help me that I may help all humims.
105 Let me speak from your head and not from mine own. Let me care from your heart and not try to care from mine own.
106 Let me see from your eyes and not try to see from mine’ own.
107 I, Melchizedek, known in tones as Yaanuwn and El Qubt;
108 As Sayyid Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi;
109 Amunnubi Rooakhptah;
110 Rabboni: Y’shua Bar El Haady;
111 Who is The Maku: Nayya: Malachizodok York-EL, of today;
112 I am to serve, not rule. Make me of the best of your servants.
113 I am sent to fix that which is broken.
114 I incarnate from time to time for those who are in need of my presence in the flesh. I am an ANUNNAGI, an ALUHUM, and Avatara, or Illah Mutajassid who you would simply call and known as an Angelic Being.

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