Egypt: End of The Black Dynasties (Hardback)



The conquest of Ancient Egypt by Alexander in 332BC ended the Dynastic Period, bringing an end to three millennia of pharaonic civilization. The long awaited sequel to Black Egyptians, Segun Magbagbeola returns in stunning form, to highlight the events which ended the great Kingdom and analyse the important lessons to be learned for the next generation of Africans when rebuilding a new dynasty in the Motherland.

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A follow up to his debut book, ‘Black Egyptians,’Egypt: End of the Black Dynasties,’ explores the events that occurred which led to the eventual demise of the black African pharaohs. It was even Chancellor Williams wish was for this to be the main focus of study in African history.

The Southern Egyptians who were typically Negroid, were gradually replaced by the Northern population of foreign or mixed Egyptians during the dynastic period and subsequent centuries. This book explores how this replacement took place, by taking a comprehensive review and analysis of the wars and migrations by foreigners into Egypt and how each conquest stripped away part of the culture, which ended Pharaonic Egypt.

This is to serve as a lesson and reminder, when rebuilding Africa to forgo the same mistakes as our ancestors.


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