black Egyptians for Children

Black Egyptians: For Children

by Segun Magbagbeola (Author)

ISBN-13: 978-1-910246-33-7

Status: Available (14/03/2022

Genres: Black History, Ancient Egypt, non-juvenile, Nuwaubu,

This book is a great introduction for all children to learn about Ancient Egypt. After the success of the original Black Egyptians, the author has made a children’s version particularly for parents of African children who want to teach them black history from an early age. With beautiful images and interesting facts, your child will know thyself.

Autors Note

It has been 9 years since the publication of my first book ‘Black Egyptians: The African Origins of Ancient Egypt,’ in 2013. I am still yet to finish the sequel ‘Egypt: End of The Black Dynasties’ and am glad to have written several novels in between, ‘The White & Gold People’ and ‘Kamun vs. Leviathan.’

I decided to make a children’s version to introduce the concept of Black History and Egyptian ancestry to our youth, a long time ago but I had to actively pursue it. If our children can grow up with this knowledge early on, it would help to shape their identity and outlook on life. A second reason is to reduce the cognitive dissonance that would otherwise occur when hearing this in their teenage and adult years.

Black Egyptians for Kids is a must have for African/Caribbean parents who are conscious and want to instil African pride and identity for their children. It is also for parents of other races who want to teach real history to their children without feeding or contributing to the lies and whitewashing of typical educational institutions.

This book is written for children with simple writing, fun pictures and historical facts and figures. Whilst the topic of the black ancestry of the Ancient Egyptians will be there, it is not the premise like the first book but rather to introduce the concept and history of Ancient Egypt to children at a general level for educational purposes.

As a race who have had our history stolen from us, we must do our part to reclaim, celebrate and practice it because this is who we are, Black Africans. Not Christian, not Muslim, not Jew, we are African first before any of that, those are labels and religions we may choose to follow, it is not what we are!

Get your copy of Black Egyptians: For Children now and help define their identity.