Since Ancient Egypt is the cradle of civilisation it’s popularity isn’t limited only in historical and archaeological study, it has made an impact in the media stretching from film, TV, computer games and music. As stated before, one side celebrates the black historical achievements (rappers), the other (white media instirutions) have an agenda to whitewash and deny the great black ancestry. A few ‘conscious’ rappers have spoken about Ancient Egypt at some point in their career. Listen to the songs and check out the Hollywood films below with a strong Egyptian theme. 


“Myceneans learned from Kemet, called Egypt in Greek It existed since at least 3000 B.C. Creating geometry and astronomy This knowledge influenced Plato, Socrates and Hippocrates Cause Imhotep, the real real father of medicine Was worshiped in Greece and Rome in the form of a Black African”

“Some of the smartest dummies can’t read the language of Egyptian mummies Plant a flag on the moon and can’t find food for the starving tummies Pay no mind to the youths ’cause it’s not like the future depends on it But save the animals in the zoo ’cause the chimpanzee them make big money This is how the media pillages, on TV the picture is savages in villages And the scientist still can’t explain the pyramids.”

“Let’s take a trip way back in the days To the first civilization on Earth, the Egyptians Giving birth to science, mathematics and music Religion, the list goes on, you choose it Egypt was the land of spiritual blessing Egypt was the land of facts, not guessing People from all over the world had come
To learn from Egypt, Egypt number one So people that believe in Greek philosophy Know your facts, Egypt was the monopoly Greeks had learned from Egyptian masters”

“Hip hop is like Egypt, produced from it’s greatest to sadness The industry’s enemy, truth that’s invading our palace They steal our culture, desipate our sculptures and claim The best rappers the complexion of the Roman leader known as Ceaser I don’t believe ’em, I seek knowledge, the Brand Nubian”

(This audio is not available on SoundCloud. Listen here for alternative YouTube link.)

“I’m black as them ancient Egyptians. Before European historians went and changed the description.”

“Caesar and Cleopatra, we need another actress to play her cause Liz Taylor’s hot, but the Egyptian queen on the movie screen needs to be portrayed in a proper flava.”

(This audio is not available on SoundCloud. Listen here for alternative YouTube link.)