The Seven Thunders

Segun Magbagbeola
Segun Magbagbeola

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The Seven Thunders Have Been Recorded By The Ancients For Thousand Of Years By The Hopis, The Yamassee, And The Nuwaubians, Have Logged These Thunders As A Sign Of The Coming Of A New Planet, “Nibiru”, The Coming In Of A New Era, The Sign Of The End Of The Present World Rule By Evil, And The Resurrection Of The Ancient Mysteries Of Egypt, Atlantis Rising Again In The Heart Of Georgia, In A Place Called Wahanee. These Signs Are The Signs Of The Times, Recorded By The Ancient Neteru Of Ancient Egypt, And Passed Down Through Time. They Are Called The Thunders, Or The Plagues.

First Thunder: Much Starvation, Sickness, Starving Children, Homelessness, And Diseases. This Already Passed And Continues.

Second Thunder: The Sky Becomes Sick With Holes In It, That Look Like Sores, Lung Disease Spreads, Breathing Problems Occur, Green Mist Coming From Holes, Polluting Water, Growing Deformities, Bacteria In The Water (Little Devils), Sea Animals Begin To Die, Fishes Are Trying To Get Out Of The Water, Water Becomes Death To Them. Physical And Spiritual Illness, Mutations In Animals.

Third Thunder: Many New Species Notations In Animals, Cross Breeding In Species, Death Of Frogs, Honey Bees, Turtles, Deformed Human Multiply, Genetic Splicing, And Cloning.

Fourth Thunder: Sign Of Twins, Yah And Weh, One Guards That South Pole, And The Other Guards The North Pole. Havoc Begins With These Poles, Structures Break Down, Religion, Moral And Financial. The Devil Winds “El Nino” Takes Over.

Fifth Thunder: 4 Great People Will Perish. Floods, Lightning Storms, Tornadoes, Land Slides, Hurricanes, Hail In The Summer, Forest Fires, Children Killing Children, Children Killing Their Parents Rampant Insanity And Murders, And Upsurge In Drug Addiction, And Demonic Revivals Parading Themselves As Righteous. El Nina, “Little Girl Will Come.”

Sixth Thunder: Changes Occur, The Star People Return. Signs In The Skies, New Planets, New Galaxies, Meteorite Storms, Climatic Alterations, Global Warming, Spiritual Revivals, Presence Of Divine, Disregard And Respect For Present For World Governments, Leadership, Politics.

Seventh Thunder: The End Of The World As You Know It. The Year 2030.

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