What is Nuwaubu?

Segun Magbagbeola
Segun Magbagbeola

Writer & Publisher

Nuwaupu is the Science of Sound Right Reasoning, and its followers are the sons and daughters of Sound Right Reason. Belief is ignorance. Belief is to ignore the facts, intentionally or ignorantly.

Also, Nuwau-Pu is Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom And A Right Overstanding. If one has to believe, it means he or she does not know. And if one does not know, that is ignorance. Hence, belief is ignorance and religious beliefs, without the facts is ignorance.

So demand that anyone attempting to impose upon you their religious beliefs to produce the facts. If you attempt to convert me to the Muhamaddan faith, I for my own soul’s sake, have to see, read and touch the original Koran. However, oldest doesn’t mean original. They destroyed the originals. They don’t have them. This would apply also to any other religion and any other scripture.

The most deceptive word in religion is the word “believe” or “belief”, because a person can believe anything and this means that a person can believe and be one hundred percent wrong. But knowledge is knowing and knowledge is correct information. “To Know” gives one confidence, but belief infers doubt. Knowledge can be checked out by one or more of the three tests.

  • Experience (2) Evidence (3) Reason

Knowledge is always logical and reasons out. The first step to Nuwau-Pu is the Right Knowledge, which will pass any one of the three tests that is practical for knowledge reason. One cannot always use the experience test, because the experience test is not practical for all knowledge. The evidence and reason tests are those tests, which are most often practical.  Yet Nuwau-pu is the science of experience, evidence and reason, because 9-Ether is the power of reason. 9-Ether by nature, is the Ish“Male living being”, and Ishaw “Female living being” spirit forces of black people, Nubians or new beings and our black power magic. There is an evil hynoptic spell called Amam, Leviathan, that was cast upon blacks everywhere.It is a spell of sleep of the conscious mind also referred to as a state of amnesia. You forgot who you are, the real ancient Tama-Reye “Egiptian”.

You see, Nuwaupian, Nubian is a new-being from the “Atomites” or “Adamites” (not the Bible Adam of Genesis 2:19 or White Magic, but the Atumite which will be explained later on in this scroll) to a new being, the Enosites (Genesis 4:26) which are your Bible names.

The Scientific name of 9-Ether will be disclosed in the science Nuwau-Pu, when the minds of those people capable of entering the new Sun Cylce have been qualified and the people are Nuwaupians, god incarnate.

9-Ether forces visit the minds of their posterity (descendants), because they know nothing can be done right unless the mind is right. The mind cannot be right unless it has accepted The Right Knowledge. You are out of your mind and in his mind. You all share in a mental reservoir, which vibrates on the 4th density. Everybody partakes on the mental plane, intellect, ideas, creation etc. You vibrate on the 3rd density, and have your own portion of it called “my mind”, or that, which is mine, but it is all one. That is why there are really no thoughts, or ideas. There are only extensions of previous ideas, because they all come from the same source or mental reservoir.

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