Why Were The Pyramids Of Ancient Egypt Built?

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Ans: The Pyramids Of Ancient Egypt Were Used To Make Connection With The Anunnaqi Eloheem Or Neteru, Our Ancestors, Who Once Dwelt In The Orion Star Constellation. They Were Imitating The Civilization That Was Found In Heaven Or Orion, Which In Greek I (Ouranos) As Found In (opccvoq). Orion Is Where The Anunnaqi Emigrated To, Because Of The
Dwindling Atmosphere On The Planet Rizq, The 8th Planet In The 19th Galaxy Called Illyuwn.

This Was Due To The Plutonium Bomb Or Shield Depleter That Was Placed There By The Disagreeable Reptilian Tarnush Or Zuen. (Refer To The Holy Tablets, Chapter One Tablet 4). That’s Why All Of The Great Pyramids Line Up Perfectly With The Stars Of Orion. The Pyramid Attributed To Pharaoh Khufu Lines Up With Al-Nitak Which Is Known As Zeta Orionis.

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The Pyramid Attributed To Pharaoh Khafre Lines With Al-Nilam, Epsilon Orionis And The Pyramid Attributed To Pharaoh Menkure Pyramid Lines Up With Mintaka Which Is Also Known As Delta Orionis. All Three Stars Form The Belt Of Orion, Which Is On A Slant And Points To The
Dog Star, Sirius, Which Muhammadans Also Stole And Placed In Their So Called Holy Book Koran 53:49. ( Refer To El Maguraj, The Pilgrimage Scroll #171) The Shaft Or Tunnel Of The Queen’s Chamber In The Great Pyramid Aligned Perfectly With The Sirus Star, Called Sothis By The Greeks.

It Was Also Considered The Star Of Aset (Isis), Just As Orion Was Equated To (Usir) Osiris. The Sirius Star Is Found In The Canis Major Constellation
Just Below Orion, And Is The Brightest Star In The Sky. Also The Rising Of The Sirius Star Was The Beginning Of The Nile Flood, And Also Coincided With The Summer Soltice In A Past Epoch, It Was Therefore The New Year For The Egyptians.

The Dogons, An African Tribe Of Mali, Also Recognized This Binary Star, And Perform A Ceremonial Dance Called The Bado Rite, Which Occurs Every 60 Years Called A Sigui. This Dance Is Symbolic Of The Complete Rotation Of Sirius B Around Sirius A, As It Rotates On It’s Own Axis Around Itself. Every Nine Thousand Years Sirius A And Sirius B Criss-Cross In Front Of Each Other, Thereupon Sending Energies To The Planet Earth.

The Dogon Knew About This And Tracked The Movement Of Sirius B, A White Dwarf Star. This Is A Puzzle To Modern Scientist Because It Is Not Visible By The Naked Eye And Was Just Discovered In 1862 A.D. And Photographed By The Modern Astronomer Irving Lindenblad In 1970 A.D. With A Very Powerful Telescope, And Still It Was Barely Visible.

The Egyptians Were The Greatest Astronomers Of Ancient Times And Knew
About Sirius C Which Was Linked With Anubus, Even Before The Predynastic Time Of 3200 B.C. The Olmecs, Sumerians, And Egyptians, Who Are All Moors, Built Thousands Of Pyramids And Mounds All Over The World. Most Of Them Lined Up At 33 Degrees, 32 Degrees, The Tropic
Of Cancer, Which Also Lines Up With Orion.

This Also Includes The Pyramids And Mounds In America, Then Called Atlan Or Amexem Built By The Olmecs, Long Before The Five Families Of Europeans Who Are: The Irish, French, Polish, English, And Scottish Came Here. These Pyramids Were Used For Many Things Such As: Landing Sites For Our Ancestors, And Science Of The Descendants From Beyond The Stars, Called The Anunnaqis, And Also Astronomical Use.

Pyramids Hold Alot Of Power, Which You Will Learn About As You Read On.
What Most People Don’t Overstand Is That Pyramids Are Electromagnetic Antennas, That Create Standing Columnar Waves, To Prevent The Wobbling Of The Earth. After The Destruction Of Atlan (oik**) The Original Name Of Atlantis, The Lost Continent Of North American, Renamed By The Greeks, Atlantis. The Earth Needed To Be Balanced.

The Pyramids At Giza Were Built To Balance The Magnetic Fields And Land Masses Of The Earth After The Axis Shift, Of 23 Degrees, Which Takes Place Every 50,000 Years Called An Epoch. The Axis Needle Completes A Cycle Every 24,000 Years, Called An Equinox, And Every 50,000 Years, The Crust Of The Earth Shifts, Like The Skin Of A Grape.

Pyramids Are Also A Tool To Help Humans Advance Into A Higher State Of Consciousness. Around Everybody, There Is An Aura Or In Nuwaubic, Halut (TiLC LTi), An Electromagnetic Field. The Aura Has A Negative (-) Electrical Charge. If You Study And Advance Into Our Fraternal Order The Ancient & Mystic Order Of Melchizedek (A.M.O.M) And OvercomeMatter, The Individual Must Change His Or Her Matter, To A More Positive (+) Electrical Charge. Thus The Pyramid Is Also A Tuning Device To Help Humims Children Of Neteru (Nature) To Achieve This Change.

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