The Holy Tablets: Chapter 1, Tablet 1

for it is that time again, every 25,000 years for the renewal of your way of life, Nuwaubu. Let me speak with you of “The Beginnings” of life,

Black Egyptians Author’s Note

In order for us to progress we must do so in unity, as one mind and one accord, and it is my hope that Egyptology/Nuwaupu will bring us together.

The Seven Thunders

Seventh Thunder: The End Of The World As You Know It. The Year 2030.

Why Were The Pyramids Of Ancient Egypt Built?

The Pyramids Of Ancient Egypt Were Used To Make Connection With The Anunnaqi Eloheem Or Neteru, Our Ancestors, Who Once Dwelt In The Orion Star Constellation

What is Nuwaubu?

Science of Sound Right Reasoning, and its followers are the sons and daughters of Sound Right Reason